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A Non-profit helping other Non-profits with technology decisions, roadmaps, assessments and tech spend efficiency


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About IT4Nonprofit

We help your non-profit get the most out of your IT needs helping you focus on the reason you started your world changing mission. We help analyze your needs and identify what you need to make your impact greater. We assist selected non-profits with little or no cost consulting services.

How We Can Help Your Organization


How can I keep my information secure? How can I ensure intellectual property stays within my organization? How can I prevent unauthorized access?  How can I let my users access information remotely?


How quickly can I recover from a crashed PC? How do I recover lost or deleted data? Do I need offsite storage to protect my data?


How do I plan for my future IT needs? Where can I get help planning my next IT purchase? Who can help me understand which platform will work best for my organizational needs?


How can I better manage my organization’s calls?  How can I reduce my spend on telephony?  How can I make my communications more efficient?


Are there discounts available for the products my organization uses?  Are there other options that provide as much or more than my current ones that have better discounts?  Where can I find these discounts?

Quotes From Supported Organizations

“Matt is not only a knowledgeable person, he is also very genuine in his desire to help non-profits excel in technological areas.  We would not be as proficient or modern in our church if it wasn’t for Matt and IT4Nonprofit.”

—Josh Cokendolpher, Faith Fellowship Church, Wirtz, Virginia

“Matt has provided an invaluable service to our non-profit ministry. Among other things, he assisted with technical planning and assistance of a grant for which we applied. We were awarded $8K for IT equipment needed for our new facility. Not only did he suggest the items we’d need, but helped with purchasing and made sure we got everything at a good price. He helped with the installation and set-up of computers, printers, phone systems, and security cameras through many phone calls and even in-person visits (he’s in FL and we’re in VA!). He then made sure the staff knew how to use all the equipment by sending us tutorials and instructional documents, as well as 1-on-1 training over the phone. Matt’s assistance with just this one project has had an instrumental, continual, positive impact on our ministry, and we are blessed and grateful to have IT4NP support us.”

—Danette Jennings, Spiritual Care Support Ministries, Warrenton, Virginia